Featuring Over 200 Murals throughout Mountain Home!

Tour the Murals


Featuring Over 200 Murals throughout Mountain Home!

Tour the Murals

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Community Canvas of MOHO

A non-profit artistic endeavor to enhance the visual landscape of our neighborhoods in Mountain Home, Idaho.

Through support from local businesses and community members, Community Canvas of MOHO is creating an always-open “museum without walls” with more than 200 creative murals created by a diverse community of local artists.

About Us
animated photo of the Community Canvas mascot

Showcasing over 200 murals in Mountain Home!

Community Canvas showcases the amazing talent in Mountain Home.

It's All About Community!

That is why we are called Community Canvas. We rely on our community to provide the funds (sponsorship) to buy our paint and supplies. We rely on the building owners to provide the canvas. And we rely on the Mayor and city officials for support.

Living in an artistic community is wonderful! In order for artists to get to know each other and grow and learn from each other there needs to be a common good…Community Canvas provides so many connections in ways we never knew possible.

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This mural is of the Community Canvas logo and has dozens of multi-colored handprints across it
Very colorful mural depicts large scale Native American symbolism across the back of a two story building

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